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This would be our 'unfinished' session. We recorded this demo on the request of our record label after the release of 'Yougli', so they could decide if they wanted to put out another one of our records. They strongly disliked this demo, and listening back, we can now kind of understand why.

Most of the songs have no lyrics, which was a common feature of Linus. We were often so excited about a new song that we always wanted to play it straight away, even before it was finished. And I was always a bit lazy/ often had to wait for inspiration. 'Driverless' is completely instrumental.

The demo was recorded at Von's studio in Holloway, with Steve drumming on his own in a closet. That's Jennifer singing on 'The Basic Conflict'. Andy sings on 'Written on your body'.


This demo was recorded in 1996, at the 'Boogle Wonderland' studio in Lewisham. The singing is definitely not in tune, and the songs are a bit indie-schmindie and average. We thought they were pretty at the time.

Amusing memory - When we recorded 'Everything and More' I sang,

"I'm a little princess and I'm scared
To bring up the pea that's lying there"

in reference to the fairy tale 'The Princess and the Pea'.

Andy and Jennifer were in shock, crying with hysterical laughter. Apparently 'pea that's' sounds rude, if you don't know the lyrics. Well, it was late, and we were tired. It was funny at the time.


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Eke Pollyzine Written On Your Body Big Bucks Driverless The Basic Conflict
Waiting For You Everything and More