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Mole in the Ground Bandland RRR

April 29th 2005

The Windmill, Brixton, London

The Linus show last night was the most fun we've had in ages. Pantsuit were great - hadn't heard Nan's other band before (she's in the fab Schwervon, with Major Matt Mason who also played a great set last night), and so many people came. Rosie Local Kid was there (she's driving the van for the tour), our new songs worked, the promoters liked us, the venue was nice, we got paid, YAY.


  1. Love is the Law
  2. I'm Not Your Enemy
  3. DIO
  4. The Hardest Line
  5. Another Girl
  6. Vitamin
  7. Think I'm Over
  8. Sick About You
  9. Way On Down
  10. Wait Up (This is the new one, the title may change)
  11. Talk Too Much