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We're in books!

Front cover of 'The Great Alternative and Indie Discography, First Edition'

Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture

Edited by Thurston Moore
Universe Publishing

We're only listed very faintly on a cassette cover, but it proves that we existed!

Front cover of 'The Great Alternative and Indie Discography, First Edition'

The Great Alternative and Indie Discography

Edited by Martin C. Strong
Canongate Books Ltd 1999, First Edition
Page 371

We're only in this first edition- we've been wiped from history in the second edition, 'The Great Indie Discography', published in 2003.

Front cover of 'The Virgin Encyclopedia of Indie and New Wave'

The Virgin Encyclopedia of Indie & New Wave

Edited by Colin Larkin
Virgin Publishing 1998
Page 247

Linus is listed between Lindsay, Arto and Liquid Jesus.

Front cover of 'Sexing the Groove'

Sexing The Groove- Popular Music and Gender

Edited by Sheila Whitely
Routledge 1997
Pages 245 and 250

We're in the chapter, 'Feminism, Subculture, and Grrrl Power'. They actually quote from our first zine, 'Plague Your Eyes'. Golly.

The middle two are slightly inaccurate histories and discographies (not that we're complaining - it's nice to be acknowledged). But how the heck did they find out what we were up to? Only our families knew about our last two records.

Please let us know if you've seen our name printed somewhere, so we can add to our collection.