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Andy Roberts information

May 22nd 2012

Oops! Oh dear, I've just realised that we moved three years ago, but neglected to update our email address... I hope nobody has been waiting dejectedly for their email to be answered in all that time! You can write to us here. Sorry about that...

June 12th 2006

Hear Andy's demo of Love is the Law.

May 31st 2006

Linus Guestbook

The Guestbook is temporarily out of action while we look for a new service. All previously entered posts have been salvaged for future viewing. If you would like to add a post, please email them to us for inclusion when it's all up and ready.

April 17th 2006

CD reviews

The Linus and Andy Roberts compilations have both received positive reviews (thank goodness) from Everett True at Plan B magazine, and Lea Andrews at G3. The reviews will be scanned into the Press section.

Both cds are available from the Records section of Linusland.

Ancient history

We have recently discovered a few copies of the rare 'Yougli' album on cd, and the 7" Wiiija compilation 'Some Hearts Paid to Lie', that includes songs from Comet Gain, Pussycat Trash, and Skinned Teen. Both records are available from the Buy Linus music page.

February 18th 2006

Two new cds

The two long-promised compilation cds, Andy's 4-Track Demos and the Linus retrospective, The Course of True Linus Never Did Run Smooth, are released today. They will be available at Andy's celebration event.

Andy's cd has 22 songs, and is available for 5.00. The demos are from 1992 - 2003, and includes some songs that eventually became Linus, Lies, or Shallows songs. We hope you like it.

The Linus cd has 16 songs, and will be 10.00. It includes the PE ep, the Don't Forget ep, The BBC Radio One session, and the Supercool single. We hope it includes at least one of your favourite Linus songs.

The cds are available from

February 5th 2006

Last Linus performance at Andy Roberts celebration event

Tammy, Deb, and Andy W will play one song at the 'Remembering Andy' celebration event. There will be performances from some of Andy's favourite bands, such as The Raincoats, Sidi Bou Said, Spy 51, Wet Dog and Ricky Spontane, and an exhibition of his artwork.

Saturday, February 18th
The Spitz, Spitalfields Market, London
5:30 - 1:00
Download flyer

November 8th 2005

Download Linus

We have updated the music pages to include Linus demos, Linus live, and Linus on the radio. These pages are taking their first baby steps - watch 'em grow.

Linus in print

Linus has been mentioned in a few books and magazines over the years, so we thought we should have a press page. Full archive coming in good time...

Linus recordings

The Linus compilation cd and Andy's four-track demos will both be available from February 18th 2006, ready in time for the Andy tribute concert at the Spitz. Please contact us for more details.

August 24th 2005

Andy tribute and more history

We have started a page dedicated to Andy, linking to his music, art, writing and projects.

A new addition to the History page is Andy's Roberts' 1993. This is a letter he wrote in May 2005 to writer Sara Marcus, who had interviewed him while researching a book she was writing about riot grrl.

July 29th 2005

Cover version

One of our favourite bands, Zombina and the Skeletones, covered our favourite song, 'Love is the Law', at their recent London show, in tribute to Andy. It was a beautifully faithful version, and extremely touching. You can hear it on the Listen page.

Andy would have been honoured, and impressed that they knew all the lyrics.

Thank you to the band for permission to use the recording, their support, and their unembarrassed hugs. Just to reassure you, there are no sniffles audible on the recording.

July 19th 2005

Linusland Additions

A Linus guestbook has been created, at long last. You can read the one entry here.

Although the Linuzine is still under construction, we have put it up so you can play with Andy's Linus Review Generator, and find out about his favourite guitarists.

June 19th 2005

Andy's Demos

We will be putting together a collection of Andy Roberts' best four-track demos.

If you would like to receive this compilation, please email us for further details.


We're undergoing a refit, so expect improvements and more content added to the site over the course of the next few months. We will be adding vast amounts of photos, demos, artwork and more stories.

Hopefully, it will finally be complete. If you have noticed anything that needs drastic change, please let us know.