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Carol Swain

Super Golgotha Crucifixion Scene has a cover by Carol Swain, who inspired the song. Carol is one of the UK's most acclaimed comics artist/writers. She self-published several issues of her comic Way Out Strips, which was later revived by US publisher Fantagraphics. They also publish her great graphic novels Invasion of the Mind-Sappers and Foodboy. Carol has contributed to countless magazines and anthologies, and worked on the notorious graphic novel Skin with Pete Milligan and Brendan McCarthy. Her huge, beautiful paintings were displayed at the Yougli album launch.

Lisa "Cool Cheese" Holdcroft

The cover to Yougli was drawn by Lisa Holdcroft, aka Cool Cheese. Lisa has drawn and published some of the strangest, most beautiful comics of our time. They are often set in launderettes, and the launderette where she used to work in Hove has her original art, framed, on the walls. The pictures tell customers how to operate the machines. She is the creator of the Guest List Girls and designs the covers for the Cheeky Guides.

Paul "Mooncat" Schroeder

Paul Schroeder, AKA Mooncat, drew a cartoon page for the Plague Your Eyes zine, our first release.
He is the editor and designer of Zum, the underground comix review and archive site and magazine.
Paul lives in Salford with Louise and their children Jack and Eve.

Jeremy Dennis

Jeremy Dennis, a female artist/cartoonist living in Oxford, UK, may be the closest you'll get to a modern-day William Blake. We did the soundtrack for her short film collaboration.
She is a founder and co-runner of Caption, Oxford's long-running annual underground comics and media event.
You can see her unique and beautiful website here. The "n testament" section is particularly recommended.


We met Mo years ago, in a time before Linus, when he was dancing for a band called The Keatons. There's a faint memory of him in the back of our minds, wearing a red leotard, creating a mess with toothpaste at Subterranea.
He disappears and reappears from time to time.
Mo is a talented artiste, and sketched Linus at The Hope and Anchor in London.


Not only does he play guitar...
Andy is a great comics artist, and had a strip in Deadline.
He designed almost all of Linus' cover art, flyers, and big chunks of this website.

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The Main Linus
Extended Family

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