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Linus formed in London in 1992. An amalgamation of influences such as X, Buzzcocks, The Partridge Family, and Gang of Four have made our music difficult to categorise. Let's just call it 'punk-pop', shall we?

As well as the band, we are involved in other projects, such as promoting the successful Bandland and RRR club nights (including shows by Gorky's Zygotic Mynci, and the Raincoats' Gina Birch and Ana da Silva, in 2003), and the fondly remembered PIAO festival.

Tammy, looking wan

Tammy Denitto

Vocals, lyrics, arrangements, music

Tammy is 'The Editor'. She has the deciding vote on all matters Linus.

Tam stays in the background when she's not on stage. She has walked across a small portion of the Sahara desert, and is learning Hindi.

Tammy is currently working on songs with Stephen Lane from Vase, in The Dream Is Over.

Andy R, looking tired

Andy Roberts

The Andy Roberts section

Guitar, music, lyrics, vocals, keyboards

Andy is basically a nice guy. He can draw, he writes songs, and campaigns and fundraises for pro-choice groups.

Andy played on the Element of Crime single, and plays bass and sings in the Shallows. He would like to write songs all day, every day.

Deb, looking glamourous

Deb Van Der Geugten

Bass, vocals, music, lyrics

Deb is from San Francisco. She is often homesick for the warmer climes of her fair city. Deb has a sweet voice, like a Bangle or a Go-Go, and has written or co-written most of our new songs. She is a nifty graphic designer, too.

It's a funny old world - Deb has recently joined Scarlet's Well, playing with Jennifer Denitto.

Andy W, looking handsome

Andy Withey

Drums, music

Andy is basically a nice guy.

He loves the Beach Boys and the Beatles.
Andy is from Devon.

Jennifer in 1996

Jennifer Denitto

Founding member of Linus.

Jennifer is Tammy's sister. She played bass and guitar, and wrote many of the songs. She has since become obsessed with playing drums. And skiing.

Jen is the only member of Linus who has played every instrument in the band, at one time or another.

Jennifer has her own website:

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Extended Family

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